Love Is from Mercy Ships on Vimeo.
There are three ways to help.

Prayer is number one. I can’t do this on my own, God has shown me things that He would like to do but I have to trust Him every step of the way for them to get done properly. 

Second, for me to be on the ship I have to pay crew fees, travel expenses, insurance and any other things that I would need. Those expenses are $900 a month. Please pray to see how God would be able to bless you through donating and helping me with this journey.

If you are interested in helping financially, there are a few different ways that you can give.

To give directly to me you can give to my church First Baptist Church Festus/Crystal City. You would just need to make sure that my name (Joshua Young) is on the envelope when you give.

To help me through Mercy Ships there is an account that you can give once or pledge to give on a continuing basis. You can find all the information at Mercy Ships Crewmates or send a check with my name (Joshua Young) and giving code #3079 in the info line to the following address.

Mercy Ships
P.O. Box 1930
Garden Valley TX

The last would be to send or give it to me or my parents personally or via mail.

3300 Deer Ridge Drive
Festus MO

Last, continuing to follow me on this journey and get updates of what's going on in my life and I'll share what God is showing me.