Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great times with the youth!

I'm having a great time at camp. In town to pick up a few things. Please keep us in your prayers this week that God moves in their lives.

I'll be updating you guys this weekend about training that I had in Texas and the different things that I have done at home to get ready for my trip.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Many things have been changing in the last week and they will continue to change in the next two weeks. I received my plane ticket this week. I'll be leaving on Sunday July 10th on a flight to Chicago, then to Brussels, Belgium and on to Sierra Leone. After 30 hours of travel I'll arrive to the Africa Mercy very excited and eager to meet my friend JD that is traveling to the ship this week. Two weeks ago after I returned from the FMS training in Texas I put my notice in at work. My last few days at work have come and gone and I am very excited to be where I am. It's still hitting me that I am officially "unemployed", but I am continually being reminded that God will supply all of my needs. I will miss the people that I worked with at the Club and I feel like they will miss me because of the kind words they told me when I left Friday.

Saturday was my birthday and I was able to get some things done around the house to for when I leave in two weeks. Later in the evening I had the opportunity to meet some good friends in St. Louis and surprise them for their birthday that was last week. God has really blessed me with the people that He put in my life. I pray that I will be the as much of blessing to the many people that I know.

Today has been a good day, being able to see many people at church and getting rested up for an exciting week. Over the last month or so I have had the opportunity to work with the youth at church. When I found out when I would be leaving for Mercy Ships I decided that since God was giving me the opportunity to leave my job that I would take this time to go to camp with the youth. It's been several years since I've been to camp, but I have many memories there. It will be very exciting to spend time with the kids and see how God is using them in the lives.

Tomorrow morning when I'm not traversing the rush hour I will be very excited, but I am even more excited to see how God will  move this week. Please keep the youth in your prayers and me as I continue to prepare for my trip.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time is ticking.... here's how it began...

As I sit here ready to to go to bed I keep on thinking, three weeks from right now I'll be going to bed on a ship half way around the world in a room with five strangers that I've never met. Yep, that's how my life has been for the last week or so, constantly processing things that I need to get done before I leave in what is now 19 days. I can see how God has transformed and prepared my life over the last year for this time and the next six months, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with the things that need to be done.

It recently came to my attention that almost a year ago I remember for a week or two, maybe three, I prayed that God would give me a yearning. A heart for a specific group. I didn't know if it was children's ministry, youth ministry, working with the homeless in St. Louis. I wasn't sure what it was, I just knew that God had something bigger for me and I really felt bad that I hadn't committed my life to whatever He had planned for me. Two years prior to that I had been attending First Baptist and committed to work at a boy's summer camp in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. I talked to Bro. Tim, the pastor, about how I wanted to commit my life to whatever God had planned for me, not what my plans were. I suppose last year I realized that yes I did follow through on my commitment for a while but I was getting away from it. I was tired of working my 7-4 job driving back and forth to the city to do work. I wanted to find something that I could give my life to, something that I could give all of my free time so that in the end all my efforts would benefit the ministry that I was working for and the Glory of Christ. That might seem a little odd, but I began to look at all that I had been doing, cooking lunch for rich people. Wow, at the end of my life I guess I could say "I hope they enjoyed their meal....I've committed my life to the fullness of their stomachs." WOW!, That really puts it in perspective. So, I began to look again. I had off and on looked for a "ministry", something Christian oriented, that I could use the talents that God gave me so that others might come to know Christ better. Well that's no easy task. Searching and searching online through different associations, different conventions, different organizations, looking for a cooking position that paid (because fundraising wasn't for me). I  could never seem to find one. So many places relied on retired people or college students looking for a summer job, but I wanted something full-time that payed cold hard cash. January came around, seemed like I was going to be stuck feeding peoples stomachs for a while. Then one night towards the end of the month I was talking to a friend of mine, kinda odd because I had been facebook friends with this person for several years, but I hadn't seen them for a few years now, for some reason God had them call me that night. They called and just wanted to chat, see how things had been going (reconnect the old-fashion way before people facebook stalked each other). So in the middle of the conversation the topic of work came up and how I wanted to find something with a bigger purpose than just feeding people, something that would use my God given talents so that others might come to know Christ better. Next thing my friend mentioned was Mercy Ships, I had never heard of Mercy Ships but it sounded interesting. A hospital on a ship, I'm sure people have to eat there, so I looked up the website. Looked interesting, I clicked on a few pages read through them but noticed that it was all volunteer. The workers had to support themselves. There it was, the big red flag flew up (fundraising-that's stuffs not for me) so we went on about our conversation. The next day I couldn't get my mind off this "hospital ship". All day during work I kept wondering about this hospital ship. So when I got home that evening I went back and looked at the Mercy Ships website. Looking over it again I looked to see if it was volunteer based, hoping that somehow miraculously God had changed that over night and they paid their workers now. When I got to the page that stated that all of the crew for Mercy Ships was volunteer and funded through fundraising God spoke to me and said "don't worry about that, if you just do what I have planned for you, I will supply all of your needs" WOW! I couldn't ignore that, I had to do Mercy Ships! So from the beginning of February I started following Mercy Ships, where the Africa Mercy was and where it was going. Looking on YouTube to see videos about what they do and who they help. Reading blogs from people who had served, were serving and were getting ready to serve the forgotten poor of West Africa. I even had the opportunity to meet somebody that had served on the Anastasis (one of the previous ships) at a friends wedding. After a month of following this organization I decided through prayer that this was the organization that God had planned for me to serve with. I just couldn't get it off of my mind. God was going to have me serve with Mercy Ships.

Stay tuned to hear about my application process and my training at the International Operations Center.

If you feel that God has called you to support me on this mission, click over to my crewmates profile and begin doing what God has called you to do.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hope and healing to the forgotten poor.

Mercy Ships is a global charity that has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide, and serving all people without regard for race, gender, or religion.

Not everyone can give of themselves as a volunteer, but your support for our cause can make a difference in the lives of the forgotten poor. Short-term crew can volunteer from two weeks to two years depending on the position and typically fill service roles or very specialized medical or technical positions. The ability to utilize professional volunteers as Crew allows Mercy Ships to maximize our donor support and serve those who need help the most.

Short-term crew can volunteer from two weeks to two years depending on the position and typically fill service roles or very specialized medical or technical positions.

Around the world today, billions of people live in fear and desperation, with impure water, inadequate food, and little or no access to health care. Behind every statistic is a person waiting for hope and healing.  Utilizing hospital ships, Mercy Ships delivers medical excellence with integrity and compassion to the world's forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide.  Mercy Ships serves all people without regard for race, gender, or religion.

To support me in my ministry with Mercy Ships you can provide through prayer and/or financially.  If you would like to receive newsletters, prayer letters, and to support me in other ways - send me an email or connect with me on Facebook.


Financial support can be processed through me with cash or check, or directly through my Mercy Ships crewmates account (receipt will be provided for tax purposes). Click on the link to see my account.

Thank you for your support weather it be through prayer or financially, both are needed in my ministry.
I look forward to hearing from you.
-Joshua Young

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So here's the big news!!!!

I have the opportunity to serve with the organization Mercy Ships. I will be leaving the week of July 11 to serve in Sierra Leon on the Africa Mercy. To the right you will see a link to Mercy Ships. In the following days and weeks before I will leave I will be posting more information about Mercy Ships, Sierra Leone, the Africa Mercy and the beginning of my story with Mercy Ships.

Photo taken by Beau Chevassus, currently serving on the ship