Monday, December 26, 2011

Does something look different?

As you can see I updated the layout of my blog and added a few more pages across the top. Take a minute to look around, I'm always open for feedback. I will continue to make posts so please come back often. : )

Friday, December 23, 2011

Video Greetings!

I made it home yesterday. Surprised my grandma, mom & dad by coming a day earlier than I told them.
I will be updating with more stories of the last days, overviews of the last 6 month, small reminders of living on the ship, and who knows what else!

Since I've made it home, I can now watch streaming media and got to see this video that Mercy Ships released the day I left the ship. You might recognize somebody on it. : )

For you my friends on the ship, it's the December Connections video. Hopefully they'll play during a Monday morning meeting! Miss you all!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sailing on the Africa Mercy

*Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to get a bigger view.

Starting off we had very smooth seas. During the sail we were allowed to go onto the bow which was very enjoyable and got a great ocean breeze.

 If you look where I'm pointing, in the next picture you can see where a whale was, we passed two or three that I know of. You couldn't see much but you could see when they were breathing.

 The ocean was truly this color, I couldn't believe it.

 Got up on Tuesday morning for the sunrise. 

 That afternoon they cam over the intercom and said that some dolphins were spotted off of the port side, 
as soon as everybody rushed out to deck 7 we could see them from a far off distance jumping out of 
the water. They came directly towards the ship and ended up swimming along the bow. It's 
estimated that there were over a hundred, I wouldn't doubt that at all.

 Tuesday night we got fuel from another ship, at that same time a fishing boat was getting fuel
 and decided to give us two big Mahi-mahi. So we, in the galley, cleaned them up on Wednesday
 and served them to the deck and engineering departments.

Thursday I got up early again to see the sunrise. Tought it would be good to see it again before
 we docked that afternoon. You couldn't see much of a sunrise because it was very foggy out
 but it was still worth getting up for.

Even though it was very foggy out, the ocean surface was so smooth that 
we could see the reflection of the ship below us.

Here you can see a small glimpse of how much the ship rocks. There were a few times
I was a little surprised to see how much it moved, but overall it was a very smooth sail.

 A pilot was dropped off to help us navigate into the port.

 The Ghana advance team greeted us at the dock.

 First contact!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Final Goodbye!

Met up with our day workers for a final goodbye.

Last night on the dock saying goodbye to our view of Freetown

Renier, my favorite kid on the ship!

Fire drill & lifeboat muster before sailing off.

Our send off crew waiting to see us leave.

A prayer of thanks for all of the things that were completed,
a prayer of comfort for those we couldn't help,
and a prayer for safety as we sailed on to another port.

Tears for those we might not ever see again.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Top 10

Top Ten Signs We Are Sailing Soon

#10 Books in the Library are turned on their sides.

#9 Trash cans are tied to the walls

 #8 Cupboards are on the ground to prevent spillage

#7 Needed equipment is strapped to the counters.

#6 Unneeded equipment is place securely on the floor.

 #5 Galley equipment is strapped into the shelves.

 #4 The pool is being drained.

   #3 The ship shop shelves are being emptied.

#2 There are Land rovers on Deck 8.

 #1 The dock is virtually empty.