Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God doesn't need us.

I've been reading a book by Katie Davis. She went to Uganda right after High School. She originally only went for one semester and then was planning on starting her college education. When she came home to appease her parents she found herself in the typical American culture. It was November 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee and this is what she wrote.

"At times, while attending college in the United States, I wished I were still living in the hungry, needy circumstances in which I lived in Uganda. Sometimes I felt it was easier to cling to Jesus in the state of having nothing that it was to cling to Him while surrounded by the abundance of America. Although I was not physically hungry or in need, my soul was thirstier than ever. An Paul's secret remained true: I couldn't do anything, but As I let the Lord strengthen me, I knew there was nothing He could not accomplish through me. I could hardly wait to see what would happen between twenty and twenty-one" (speaking of her age)

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4.13

In December after finishing only one semester of college she went back to Uganda ans has continued to run the ministry that she started, Amazima. I will be donating this book to the library at church after I am finished and would strongly encourage you to read it.

I've been struggling recently with the same thing. I'm living in a culture where people depend on themselves to get through life. They have the things, family and jobs where they think they could get through life on their own. I'm longing for the day that I will return to serve with Mercy Ships, where I don't have a cell phone, car, or more belongings that what I can pack into two bags. When I can serve God with just what He has given me and praise Him. Please keep me in your prayers as I work through this time in my life and continue to look for supporters

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not your typical Spring Break...

This week I am getting to enjoy one of the great benefits of being a teacher. Although I didn't get any snow days I am getting to enjoy a great Spring Break this week. Monday I cooked for around 100 people at church and spent the afternoon at the park. Tuesday I worked outside most of the day and gave my car a nice wash considering I hadn't had nice enough weather since getting home. Last night I went over to a friends house and played some games. Now today I'm headed to grandmas and to church tonight for Youth Group and Praise Team practice. In the next few days I'm hoping to make it to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see the 2012 Orchid Show and get some great pictures there with my new camera.  Then off to Dare-to-Share with the Youth on Friday night. Yes, I did get a new camera. I'm going to be selling my old camera if you know anybody that's interested. The reason for getting the new equipment was so that I will be able to shoot video and upload it so you may be able to get a better perspective of the things that I get to experience when I return to West Africa. There's nothing wrong with my older camera, so whoever gets it will be able to get great shots with it too!

  Daffodil in the back yard.

I was looking on my calendar today and noticed that it's two months till my first payment it due to Mercy Ships for me to return to the ship. If you know of any churches or groups that I would be able to give my presentation about Mercy Ships to it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you would like to donate to me you can check out my Crewmates page. My monthly goal is $900, which pays for EVERYTHING ;crew fees, airfare, medical insurance, evacuation insurance, personal expenses and everything else needed while on the ship. Please pray to see how God would be able to bless you through donating and helping me with this journey.